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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling


The heart is sanctuary
A place of rest from the torments
of the mind
The wise don’t just vacation
They take up permanent

Are you searching for a sacred space infused with the power of deep listening, sharing and healing? Then breathe easy; you are in the right place.

The purpose of spiritual counseling is to explore the unfathomable peace at the center of Being; and to learn to live from that peace.

Together with the blessing of the Infinite we will work to:

  • Overcome thought and behavioral patterns;
  • Engage in life transformative spiritual practices
  • Mend emotional wounds through the healing power of awareness
  • Develop lasting peace of mind
  • Re-establish the joy, freedom, creativity and love in our lives

The longest distance one travels in life is the length between the head and the heart.” – anonymous

Your heart is waiting.

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