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Couples Workshops

Couples Workshops

In every relationship
there is a third party.


Love is what you


Love is what you


Love as the majestic Sufi poet Hafiz says is the
“Perfect One who is always


at the word two.”

Do you and your beloved dream of having a relationship that just keeps getting better? Do you want a love that actually grows stronger with each breath?

Relationships are sacred paths
Like all sacred paths
they require daily attention
in the forms of practices
designed to keep you
to the Love within

In our Unique Couples Coaching Workshop you will engage in sacred practices designed to keep them joyously on the path of relationship forever. Practices like: sacred communication, vow recitations, remembrance meditation, mantras, bests self –work, gratitude-for-disagreements and many more. Your love can neither be created nor destroyed. It is through relationship that we too become eternal.

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