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Wedding Ring

for all
who view



to Love

rather than containers
because Love
cannot possibly




Do you and your beloved dream of creating a ceremony that is uniquely your own? Breath easy; you are in the right place. You are hereby authorized by Love to take PoeWeddic License with the creation of your ceremony. At PoeWeddic License nothing is more sacred than love.

Spirituality Whether you celebrate one tradition, two traditions, none or several we will create a ceremony that honors your path to love.

Family Weddings bring loved ones together. Explore our unique pre-wedding bonding opportunities for family, friends and bridal parties.

Creativity A wedding ceremony is a living, breathing poem that speaks directly to and from your hearts. We will write your unique poem together.

Fun Weddings are exquisite attempts to capture something that already belongs to you. Love. It's your day. So we will create a fun one. Remember nothing goes better with tears than laughter, smiles and joy.

All are welcome. Contact me today.

Spiritual Counseling


The heart is sanctuary
A place of rest from the torments
of the mind
The wise don’t just vacation
They take up permanent

Spiritual Counseling

Are you searching for a sacred space infused with the power of deep listening, sharing and healing? Then breathe easy; you are in the right place.

The purpose of spiritual counseling is to explore the unfathomable peace at the center of Being; and to learn to live from that peace.

Together with the blessing of the Infinite we will work to:

  • Overcome thought and behavioral patterns;
  • Engage in life transformative spiritual practices
  • Mend emotional wounds through the healing power of awareness
  • Develop lasting peace of mind
  • Re-establish the joy, freedom, creativity and love in our lives

The longest distance one travels in life is the length between the head and the heart.” - anonymous

Your heart is waiting.
Call today

Couples Workshops
In every relationship there is a third party.


Love is what you


to Love is what you


to. Love as the majestic Sufi poet Hafiz says is the "Perfect One who is always


at the word two."

Couples Workshops

Do you and your beloved dream of having a relationship that just keeps getting better? Do you want a love that actually grows stronger with each breath?

Relationships are sacred paths
Like all sacred paths
they require daily attention
in the forms of practices
designed to keep you
to the Love within

In our Unique Couples Coaching Workshop you will engage in sacred practices designed to keep them joyously on the path of relationship forever. Practices like: sacred communication, vow recitations, remembrance meditation, mantras, bests self –work, gratitude-for-disagreements and many more. Your love can neither be created nor destroyed. It is through relationship that we too become eternal.

Contact me today.


of us
without exception
has been entered
into an


with our


This is the decree of
the Divine Mother
and we are helpless
Her wishes

We do however
have some
say about
the quality of
our participation in this



Yoga Just Breathe
Everyone of us
without exception
has been entered
into an
arranged marriage
with our own heart.

Yoga is a celebration of this Divinely arranged Union. Whether you a beginner looking to start your practice on the mat or an experienced practitioner looking to live your practice off the mat. I am honored to share this sacred practice with you. Contact me today.

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