I am Rev Ty Holmes. I am a husband, father, Interfaith Minister, Wedding Officiant, spiritual counselor, couples coach, love advocate, and yogi.

For as long as I can remember gravity has been pulling my heart in a direction that I can barely language. Not up or down, not forwards or backwards. It is pulling on my heart from all directions at once, towards what I can only describe as expansion.

Mine is a ministry of the expanded heart. A heart that envisions holding the whole world. I can no longer recall when this vision started. However there have been some pivotal moments along the way

In 2002 I was introduced to Yoga. By 2005 I was teaching it. In between I fell madly in love with my wife Jodi. It may have started there. The combination of life altering love and the deeply unifying practice of yoga opened my heart and it just kept opening.

Through yoga I learned the same river of Grace runs underneath all traditions. At home I witnessed this teaching made manifest in the eyes of my beloved wife and eventually in heart of our beautiful multicultural children.

I found myself pondering the depths of love and its origin. Does it exist within us and if so is it constantly accessible? Is love dependent upon certain parameters or is it independent? These questions, this longing to know the true nature of love blossomed into a desire to know the one true Beloved.

Along the way I have had the great fortune of learning from many wonderful teachers. The first of whom is Rudrani Farbman Brown. I can only describe her as a powerful Yogini and Majestic Queen Mystic who transforms all the lives she touches. My gratitude towards her and to all my teachers is endless.

I graduated from and was ordained by the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in Manhattan, NY. One Spirit is a seminary, a school, and a learning alliance all in one. It is home to seekers from all known paths and an inspiration to those who seek to forge new ones.

With the blessing of One Spirit Learning Alliance I have co-founded its service arm known as One Spirit in Action. Part of its mission is to bring desperately needed attention, resources and love to under served communities around the globe; and to experience sacred service as a vehicle for understanding our world, our spiritual traditions and ourselves.

These days my longing to know love is lived through my wedding ministry, poetry, service and sacred practices.

Love manifests itself in all forms. Families have many faces. The human heart possesses the boundless capacity to embrace them all. I am living this truth through my family, my friends and hopefully through each and every one of you.

It is my supreme pleasure to celebrate and support the diversity of people, traditions and practices that fill your life with love. Congratulations and many thanks.

Reverand Ty Holmes